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 about project 1

Yandex IT-company office, Moscow, Russia

Together with the Denis Lobanovs architectural bureau, the Moscow office team has started to develop the Fit-Out project for the Yandex company new office with a total area of about 9,000 m2, located in the "Aurora Business Park II".

The design is being implemented in 3 stages, and the construction and installation works for the previous stages will be held in parallel with the next stages design.

ompleted: 21.12.2017

Project size: 9,000 m2

Scope of works: Working Documentation, Construction Supervision

 about project 2

Philip Morris International office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering in cooperation with the architectural bureau OfficeProect successfully issued the Working documentation for the major tobacco company occupied four floors in the business center.

During the design approval process the Management company took a tough position insisting on the inviolability of the existing base-built engineering systems and made its demands to the engineering solutions.

ompleted: 28.12.2016

Project size: 4,800 m2

Scope of works: Working Design abd Approvals, Construction Supervision

 about project 3

Lobby in the BC Demidov, Moscow, Russia

Our engineers have been appointed for the engineering systems design for the lobby, atrium and elevator halls in BC Demidov, which is part of the business area called Red Rose.

The project is executed based on the design of the European Architects and Engineers and sets the unusual tasks for arrangements of the air exchange between the atrium and the balconies separated by the glass walls.

ompleted: 19.02.2016

Project size: 1,200 m2

Scope of works: Scheme Design and Working Design

 about project 4

Novo Nordisk company office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering has developed a new Fit-out project of the internal engineering systems for the pharmaceutical company office premises with a total area of 2,700 m2.

The attention to the smallest details and the strict compliance of the terms for the designing agreed in the contract becomes our corporate style.

ompleted: 23.12.2015

Project size: 2,700 m2

Scope of works: Concept, Tender Design, Tender Assistance, Working Design checking, Construction Supervision

 about project 5

Office premises of the company Givaudan, Moscow, Russia

Our team have started Fit Out project for office premises of the company Givaudan, a well-known manufacture of the fragrance and flavour.

New office will be located in the Office Center Ocean Plaza and will combine office premises and test laboratories.

These technical premises demand strong requirements to the project solutions for ventilation and water drainage systems.

We hope that working in a team with architectural company OfficeProect we will satisfy Clients requirements and realize high quality engineering solutions not breaking architectural design.

ompleted: 01.07.2009

Project size: 450 m2

Scope of works: Scheme Design, Detailed Design

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