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 about project 1

Business Complex (Hub Profsoyuznaya), Moscow, Russia

MEP engineers will produce the Design brief and Working design for the Business Complex (Hub Profsoyuznaya).

Started: 13.06.2019

Project size: 16,000 m2

Scope of works: Design brief, Working design

 about project 2

Transneft Research Institute office premises, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering specialists were appointed to produce the pre-design works for engineering systems of the Transneft Research Institute new office with a total area of 11,000 m2.

Our responsibility includes the Utility calculations, a visual inspection and the measurement of the engineering systems actual parameters as well as the preparation of the Technical Task for the designing

ompleted: 30.05.2018

Project size: 11,350 m2

Scope of works: Due Diligence, Working Design,
Construction supervision

 about project 3

Hotel 3* Holiday Inn, Moscow, Russia

Our company was involved by the architectural bureau IQ architects in the Working documentation development for the internal engineering systems design of the hotel Holiday Inn Express with a total area of 11,500 m2 located in the center of Moscow.

ompleted: 14.09.2017

Project size: 11,500 m2

Scope of works: Working Design, Construction supervision

 about project 4

Residential complex, Moscow, Russia

The team of Moscow specialists has started to develop the project design of the Residential complex with a provision of social infrastructure, underground parking and an apart-hotel, with an area of 48,000 m2.

The complex will be located in the center of Moscow, close to the Garden Ring and become another milestone object on the residential Real Estate market, which makes this project another extremely significant for our company.

ompleted: 17.07.2015

Project size: 48,000 m2

Scope of works: Stages: Proekt, Tender and Detailed Design

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