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Green Design Society

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 about project 1

British Petroleum office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering continues to work closely with the Green Design Society architects, and proceeded to the reconstruction project for the British Petroleum office, with an area of 1,800 m2, located in business center "Lotte Plaza".

ompleted: 26.11.2018

Project size: 1,800 m2

Scope of works: Working Design,
Construction Supervision

 about project 2

Nike company office, Moscow, Russia

The continued cooperation with our constant partner Green Design Society, we have started to develop the reconstruction project of the existing office for the major international sports clothing and footwear manufacturer, with a total area of about 1,250 m2.

Based on the European designers concept, we should not only to bring their ideas into reality, but also to adjust the existing engineering systems deficiency.

The main challenge of this project is the shortest period of its implementation.

ompleted: 16.01.2017

Project size: 1,250 m2

Scope of works: Working Design, Tender Assistance,
Construction Supervision

 about project 3

Furniture Store Premises, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering team will develop the Tender documentation for the well-known furniture company showroom with an area of 950 m2. The design is produced including the vertical and horizontal communications

ompleted: 23.06.2015

Project size: 950 m2

Scope of works: Detailed Design, Construction Supervision

 about project 4

Toyota Production Facilities, Samara region, Russia

The company MEP Engineering is involved in the project design development for the engineering systems of the "Toyota" production facilities with a total area of 22,000 m2, to be constructed in Samara region.

ompleted: 01.11.2013

Project size: 22,000 m2

Scope of works: Utility calculation, Value Engineering

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