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October 2011 - Ukraine Kiev MEP Engineering Ukraine has started to develop the "Project" stage and the "Working Documentation" of all internal engineering systems for the
4,400 m2 Pechersk International school in Kiev.
October 2011 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering will take part in project developing of the HVAC systems for the 30,000 m2 PVC Production complex located in Nizhniy Novgorod.
September 2011 - Russia Moscow The teams of the engineers in Moscow and Kiev offices jointly have started the work on the "Project" stage for the internal and inside engineering systems of the office and logistic complex class "A" in the Moscow region.
September 2011 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering provided the utility calculation for the Multifunctional complex administrative and commercial purposes with the objects of engineering infrastructure.
August 2011 - Russia Moscow The team of Moscow specialists was invited by our long-term partner - the company Drees & Sommer for providing the Engineering Due Diligence report of the completed Project and Working documentation of all internal engineering systems for the Centre of the laboratorial hemodialysis located in Irkutsk.
July 2011 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering was appointed to consult the Client in designing of the internal engineering systems for the 133 000 m2 Multifunctional retail complex.
June 2011 - Russia Moscow Our team of engineers has started to carry out the review of the Working Documentation for the Logistic center of the Volzhskiy industrial park in Nizhniy Novgorod. The total object area is 60 500 m2.
May 2011 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering as the Contractor was involved in project developing for the reconstruction and installation of the external technical facilities: diesel-generator set (diesel power station) on the buildings roof located at Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya street.
April 2011 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering was appointed for the designing of the all internal engineering systems for the 2 500 m2 privite house located in Istra district of Moscow region.
March 2011 - Russia - Moscow - The specialists of Moscow office have prepared the technical due diligence report of the internal engineering systems of the multifunctional complex in the centre of Moscow which total area is 90 000 m2.

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April 2017

       Our company won a tender for the engineering systems developing of the ROSBANK structural division with an area of 650 m2, located in Nizhny Novgorod. The Object main features are the engineering systems flexibility to ensure its efficiency under the different scenarios as well as the independent ventilation and air conditioning systems organizing in spite of the base-built systems availability.

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