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March 2010 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering was appointed to design Stage "P" for the new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Samara by Client Aviacor and the famous Architectural Bureau John Seifert.
March 2010 - Russia - Moscow - This large scale development project of 17 hectares will consist of 16 buildings providing a gross built area of 90,900 m2 for which our team of engineers will produce the design of all MEP engineering site wide and internal systems.
February 2010 - Russia - Moscow - The Moscow team of specialists has started to design the "Concept" stage for this Commercial and Entertainment center to be constructed in the Asrakhan city. The Center includes the commercial area, food court, entertaining area, cinema theater and 2 levels of parking.
February 2010 - Russia - Moscow - Our company has signed the contract for producing the "Project" stage of the first building to be constructed on a large multi-functional complex in Moscow.
February 2010 - Russia - Moscow - Team of specialists of the Moscow office has started to design "Project" stage for Multifunctional hotel complex resort type, which will be built in the area of cape Burny in Vladivostok.
February 2010 - Russia - Moscow - Team of specialists of the Moscow office has started to design "Project" stage for Multifunctional hotel complex business type , which will be built in the area of 36th berth of Korabelnaya Embankment in Vladivostok.
January 2010 - Russia - Moscow - The Conceptual and Detailed design of all engineering systems for a high tech state of the art luxury home of 1,500 m2 to be built in the exclusive region to the West of Moscow is the next challenge for our team of engineers.
January 2010 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering Russia is proud to make its first announcement in 2010. Our company has been accepted into the Self Regulating Authority Nonprofit Partnership Guild of the architects and engineers(SRO NP GARHI ).
December 2009 - This project is the reconstruction of an existing Leisure Resort near Sochi, Zapolyarie, on approximately 17 hectares of land and it is planned to increase the number of existing rooms from 800 to 1200 and also to increase the quality to the level of a 3-4 star hotel.
December 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been appointed by the well known Austrian Consulting company IC Consulenten. The project is the construction of the Baida Business-Hall which is located on the very central square of the Zaporozhye city.

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October 2017

       Together with UNK project, MEP engineers are launching the project of a new fitness center (2,345 m2) for the famous World Class chain in the RIO retail center on Leninsky Prospekt. This project is extremely interesting for us as there were not any sports facilities in our portfolio for a long time.


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