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December 2012 - Russia Moscow The engineers of the Moscow office were involved for the internal engineering systems Due Diligence of the retail and office complex with under ground parking with a total area of 90,000 m2, located in the city centre of St. Petersburg.
November 2012 - Ukraine Kiev - MEP Engineering Ukraine has completed the design and approval works of the external water supply and drainage systems for the new office building with the total area of the 3,500 m2, located in Kiev on Melnikova street.
November 2012 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering was involved in large-scale Fit-Out project development for the leading cargo transportation company office with the total area of a 12,400 m2.
October 2012 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering has renewed the cooperation with our long-standing partner in the market of interior design, the company ABD architects,with two very different projects.
October 2012 - Ukraine Kiev - The team of the engineers in Kiev office has issued the "Working documentation" of the internal engineering systems for the Pechersk School International (4,400 m2) in Kiev.
September 2012 - Russia Moscow - The specialists of MEP Engineering were commissioned by the Client to design a new office of the company which is a leader on the market of the building ceramic.
September 2012 - Russia Moscow - MEP Engineering is currently involved in the project development of the Commercial and Hotel complex of 41,000 m2, which is to be built in Ufa.
August 2012 - Russia Moscow - The further project development of the "Aurora Business Park" requires MEP Engineering to complete the following objectives: the adjustment of the "Proekt Design" for the 1st stage of the 3rd construction phase (12,000 m2) and the preparation of the "Proekt Design" for the 2nd stage of the 3rd construction phase (40,000 m2) of the well known business-center expansion.
July 2012 - Russia Moscow - The Moscow team of specialists has started to work on a relatively new market - the design of the engineering systems serving the Data center of the largest transport company in Russia.
July 2012 - Russia Moscow MEP Engineering has won the tender to design the engineering systems for the company operating in the market of software for business management. The office premises are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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November 2017

       MEP Engineering continued its cooperation with AB Officeproekt and Sunbury Heights on  a project for another floor (2,000 m2) for the Deutsche Bank Technology Center in BC Aquamarine.       

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