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February 2009 - Russia Moscow Our team have started Fit-out project for office premises of the company Givaudan, a well-known manufacture of the fragrance and flavour.
January 2009 - MEP Engineering was commissioned by famous international architects Aedas to design the Saraya Sochi 96.000 m2 as one of the most prestigious Mixed-use complexes in a pearl city of the Russia Black Sea cost part.
January 2009 - Russia - Sochi Seaport Redevelopment - Our team of MEP engineers together with our Client the famous international team Aedas Architects will now begin the task of estimating and calculating the utility requirements for the 200,000 m2 of new construction to be developed on the south coast of Russia.
December 2008 - Russia Moscow Fit-out project for famous pharmaceutical company Pfizer.
November 2008 - Russia - Moscow - Our company has started P Stage Design for Multifunctional Complex 138,000 m2 . The project will cover a full range of engineering systems for all functional zones of the complex: B+ class offices, 3-star hotel, retail areas, conference halls and fitness center.
October 2008 - Russia - Saint-Petersburg - For our Client Velle MEP Engineering fit-out division is producing the engineering systems survey in the building where the Client is planning to buy premises.
September 2008 - Russia Moscow Our Company is very proud to be a partner sponsor of the next Russia GRI event
June 2008 - Russia - Moscow The Stage P design of all Internal Engineering Systems for a Multifunctional complex with apartments 172,000 m2.
February 2008 - Senior International Managers from MEP Engineering will attend the 2008 MIPIM conference in March and will be available for general discussion with all attendees who are interested to work with us in Eastern Europe.
January 2008 - Sustainable Engineering Solutions - MEP Engineering's expertise widens to offer environmentally friendly technical solutions.

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August 2006

To ensure that our companys employees constantly develop their team leadership and managerial skills our staff attended a Team Building weekend in the forests of the Moscow countryside.

Twenty five MEP Engineering staff were tested with challenging tasks during the weekend and the results of this exercise proved to many that real management skill comes from within ones heart.

The tests ranging from physical to mental were made even more difficult by the expert instructors who often restricted our employees by preventing us from using one or more of our senses.

Without verbal communication our staff quickly learnt that gesticulations are a very important form of communication when your voice can not be heard.

Being without the sense of sight the team very quickly learnt the importance of logical and controlled verbal communication.

Such understanding of these very basic, but often overlooked skills, will ensure that our current and future Project Managers and team leaders will be making the best use of the talents they have been given.


Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and much was learnt by all!








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