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July 2007 - Ukraine - Kiev - 32,000m2 Class A Office Complex.
April 2007 - Ukraine - Kharkov - A 140,000m2 mixed use complex with Shopping, Cinema, Hotel, Office, Parking and Technical areas.
March 2007 - Moscow MEP Engineering once again have been appointed to support Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow) with MEP design services for their offices.
March 2007 - Russia - Gelendjik - A 44,000m2 Hotel complex to be built on the south coast of Russia.
March 2007 - Ukraine - Kiev - An 80,000m2 Logistic Park to be built near the Boryspil international airport.
February 2007 - Ukraine - Kiev - A 30,000m2 Class A office complex to be built in the city centre.
December 2006 - Moscow - The "P Stage" design of the internal engineering systems for the 76,000m2 Avrora Business Park Phase III.
December 2006 - Moscow - The "P Stage" design of the internal engineering systems for the 368,000m2 Mirax Plaza.
November 2006 - Kiev - MEP engineers move to their new office in the centre of the city.
September 2006 - Moscow - Louis Vuitton appoints us to design another exclusive outlet.

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August 2006

To ensure that our companys employees constantly develop their team leadership and managerial skills our staff attended a Team Building weekend in the forests of the Moscow countryside.

Twenty five MEP Engineering staff were tested with challenging tasks during the weekend and the results of this exercise proved to many that real management skill comes from within ones heart.

The tests ranging from physical to mental were made even more difficult by the expert instructors who often restricted our employees by preventing us from using one or more of our senses.

Without verbal communication our staff quickly learnt that gesticulations are a very important form of communication when your voice can not be heard.

Being without the sense of sight the team very quickly learnt the importance of logical and controlled verbal communication.

Such understanding of these very basic, but often overlooked skills, will ensure that our current and future Project Managers and team leaders will be making the best use of the talents they have been given.


Our staff thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and much was learnt by all!








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