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July 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - Our MEP team in Kiev has again been appointed by the well known local team of Yunakov Architects this time to produce the Stage P MEP design for a 19,000 m2 office building to be built on Leningradskaya Square on the left bank of Dniper .
May 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been commissioned by the architects for the stage Proekt and Working Design of the Office Building at Voyennyi Proyezd Str., for 41,000 m2.
April 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv -Appointed by Investor and project management company Slav-Invest we provide consulting for the design adaptation for the Radisson hotel in tourist complex Bukovel in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.
April 2009 - Russia Moscow Our team has been appointed to produce the Concept and Detailed Design of all engineering systems for a 100,000 m2 luxury residential project to be constructed in centre of the city.
March 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been commissioned to design another hotel project of 14,000 m2 for the same Client.
March 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine was commissioned by Compass-Development for the full engineering design of the building 39,000 m2.
March 2009 - Russia Moscow outskirts - A 110 hectare green field site surrounded by forest in the north of Moscow to be developed to accommodate 12,000 residents with residential, schools and all necessary local amenities.
February 2009 - Russia Moscow Our team have started Fit-out project for office premises of the company Givaudan, a well-known manufacture of the fragrance and flavour.
January 2009 - MEP Engineering was commissioned by famous international architects Aedas to design the Saraya Sochi 96.000 m2 as one of the most prestigious Mixed-use complexes in a pearl city of the Russia Black Sea cost part.
January 2009 - Russia - Sochi Seaport Redevelopment - Our team of MEP engineers together with our Client the famous international team Aedas Architects will now begin the task of estimating and calculating the utility requirements for the 200,000 m2 of new construction to be developed on the south coast of Russia.

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March 2009


MEP Engineering Ukraine was commissioned by Compass-Development for the full engineering design of the building 39,000 m2 from blank paper to the building commissioning from the Engineering Concept, Stage Proekt, State Expertiza approval to the Working design and construction monitoring.

Compass-Development is intended to develop high specification class A office building with the aim to create not just the office space to supply the market demand in the nearest future but also the target is to create the investment grade building as a competitive product for many years ahead to be attractive not just for local tenants but also for international Clients who can be either tenants of the certain space or even the buyers of the whole complex. That is why the Client has appointed the international team of architects, MEP, structural engineers, realtors, consultants etc to bring together the expertise from the countries which have the longer story of the successful office projects.

MEP engineers have prepared the proper Concept design to professionally describe the pluses and minuses of the different solutions to help the Client to make the educated decisions and we are glad to have the Client who pays his attention to engineering solutions and alternatives. And we strongly believe that approach to have the professional discussions between the Client and his MEP Consultant when they carefully listen to each other would bring the right solutions for the project success at the end.

The architects have managed to create the lovely building shape and facades which nicely correspond to the historical status of the Podol district. And the volume of the building it seems utilizes the site plot at the maximum efficiency. But these architectural efforts and real achievements do not help engineers who met the traditional problems for Kyiv centre unfortunately where there is not enough electrical and heating power available to supply these new nice but demanding complexes. And that is why it seems to be like always the Engineering team is considering carefully the possible options for the reduction of the peak consumptions and to avoid the inefficient use of utilities and to avoid the unnecessary/inadequate the reserves in capacities what is sometimes a bad practice of the inexperienced engineers.


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