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January 2010 - Russia - Moscow - The Conceptual and Detailed design of all engineering systems for a high tech state of the art luxury home of 1,500 m2 to be built in the exclusive region to the West of Moscow is the next challenge for our team of engineers.
January 2010 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering Russia is proud to make its first announcement in 2010. Our company has been accepted into the Self Regulating Authority Nonprofit Partnership Guild of the architects and engineers(SRO NP GARHI ).
December 2009 - This project is the reconstruction of an existing Leisure Resort near Sochi, Zapolyarie, on approximately 17 hectares of land and it is planned to increase the number of existing rooms from 800 to 1200 and also to increase the quality to the level of a 3-4 star hotel.
December 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been appointed by the well known Austrian Consulting company IC Consulenten. The project is the construction of the Baida Business-Hall which is located on the very central square of the Zaporozhye city.
November 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - Following a recommendation by one of our existing Clients in the Ukraine this Client, who is the investor, appointed our company to produce the design of all engineering systems for this 13,000 m2 hotel from the Concept to the P Stage design.
July 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - Our MEP team in Kiev has again been appointed by the well known local team of Yunakov Architects this time to produce the Stage P MEP design for a 19,000 m2 office building to be built on Leningradskaya Square on the left bank of Dniper .
May 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been commissioned by the architects for the stage Proekt and Working Design of the Office Building at Voyennyi Proyezd Str., for 41,000 m2.
April 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv -Appointed by Investor and project management company Slav-Invest we provide consulting for the design adaptation for the Radisson hotel in tourist complex Bukovel in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.
April 2009 - Russia Moscow Our team has been appointed to produce the Concept and Detailed Design of all engineering systems for a 100,000 m2 luxury residential project to be constructed in centre of the city.
March 2009 - Ukraine - Kyiv - MEP Engineering Ukraine has been commissioned to design another hotel project of 14,000 m2 for the same Client.

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March 2009

MEP Engineering Ukraine has been commissioned to design another hotel project of 14.000 m2 for the same Client. The hotel building is to be located in the historical part of the Kyiv city centre.

The hotel is to be located within a large plot of land which is under a redevelopment program with the aim to build the district of new buildings but those which would recreate the atmosphere of the Kyiv at middle centuries by the relevant architectural techniques. We should also note that Rezidor engineering requirements are still in force and so the engineering systems must be state-of-the-art regardless of the epic motives created by the architects.

We are very proud to make our contributions to the Renaissance of the Kyiv landmark districts what should make Kyiv city even more attractive for tourist and even more friendly and comfortable for the Kyiv citizens and the Kyiv guests of course.

Speaking about engineering systems we can note that even though the building is relevantly small we should still provide the adequate level of engineering systems reliability to enable the hotel to be an uninterruptible business for the investor and an uninterruptible comfort provider for all even the most demanding hotel guests.


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