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May 2011 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering as the Contractor was involved in project developing for the reconstruction and installation of the external technical facilities: diesel-generator set (diesel power station) on the buildings roof located at Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya street.
April 2011 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering was appointed for the designing of the all internal engineering systems for the 2 500 m2 privite house located in Istra district of Moscow region.
March 2011 - Russia - Moscow - The specialists of Moscow office have prepared the technical due diligence report of the internal engineering systems of the multifunctional complex in the centre of Moscow which total area is 90 000 m2.
January 2011 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering was appointed for the Technical Due Diligence of Working Drawings and Estimate Documentation of the internal engineering systems in the office and logistic premises located in postal-load complex in Vnukovo airport.
December 2010 - Russia - Moscow - In the end of the year 2010 MEP Engineering has won tender for the reconstruction of UBS
investment bank functioning office. The total area of banking premises is more than 5 000 m2.
December 2010 - Russia - Moscow - Our team of engineers was involved in developing of the Technical report concerning the possibility of using the industrial building constructed in 1974 for organizing there production and logistic complex equipped with up-to-date engineering systems.
November 2010 - Russia - Moscow - A 75,000 m2 Retail Complex in Surgut is the next design challenge for the team of engineers at MEP.
October 2010 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering is very pleased to have been appointed by the well known Investor and Developer "London & Regional" to produce the full engineering systems design for the 160 rooms Garden Inn by Hilton hotel to be constructed in Kazan in time for the Universiade Kazan 2013 International competition.

August 2010 - Russia - Moscow - MEP Engineering was appointed by International architects Chapman Taylor to design of all engineering systems for the 100,000 m2 Retail Centre in Tyumen'.
July 2010 - Russia - Moscow - The specialists in Moscow office started to design the "Concept" stage for Sberbank Corporative University which will be located in Istra district of Moscow region.

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February 2010


The Moscow team of specialists has started to design the Concept stage for this Commercial and Entertainment center to be constructed in the Asrakhan city. The Center includes the commercial area, food court, entertaining area, cinema theater and 2 levels of parking. The total area of the complex is 81,230 m2. At the Concept stage there will be offered the full spectrum of the technical actions, allowing to provide the comfortable conditions for the visitors all-the-year-round. Creation of as much as possible comfortable atmosphere at the minimum capital expenses was the basic priority by the choice of principle technical solutions. The documentation was executed in March 2010 and delivered to the Client for using the offered solutions by the designing of next stages.




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