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—lient: Green Design Society

client`s projects

—ompleted: 26.11.2018

Project size: 1,800 m2

Scope of works: Working Design,
Construction Supervision

British Petroleum office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering continues to work closely with the Green Design Society architects, and proceeded to the reconstruction project for the British Petroleum office, with an area of 1,800 m2, located in business center "Lotte Plaza".

—lient: Office Times

client`s projects

—ompleted: 14.11.2018

Project size: 1,700 m2

Scope of works: Scheme & Working Design

Bonduel-Kuban office, Moscow, Russia

The specialists from Moscow office will develop a design for the new office of the Bonduel-Kuban company in BC Krasnoselsky.

—lient: UNK Projects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 15.06.2018

Project size: 40,000 m2

Scope of works: Working Design

Russia Post main building, Moscow, Russia

A reconstruction project for the Russia Post main building with an area of 40,000 m2, located on the Varshavskoe highway, will be developed by our team od engineers.

—lient: KR-Properties

client`s projects

—ompleted: 06.06.2018

Project size: 11,500 m2

Scope of works: Working Documentation, Construction Supervision

Residential building restoration, Moscow, Russia

MEP engineers were appointed by the company KR-Properties for the restoration project of the building built in 1895 on Petrovsky Boulevard, with the architectural and artistic façade renewing.

—lient: IQ Architects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 30.05.2018

Project size: 11,350 m2

Scope of works: Due Diligence, Working Design,
Construction supervision

Transneft Research Institute office premises, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering specialists were appointed to produce the pre-design works for engineering systems of the Transneft Research Institute new office with a total area of 11,000 m2

—lient: Gleeds

client`s projects

—ompleted: 15.05.2018

Project size: 6,800 m2

Scope of works: Consulting services

Telecommunications holding office, Lvov, Ukraina

MEP Engineering Ukraine specialists were appointed as the Consultants to provide the technical support for a 6,800 m2 new office development of the largest telecommunications holding.

—lient: Architectural company Marvin & Co

client`s projects

—ompleted: 22.01.2018

Project size: 81,000 m2

Scope of works: Concept, Proekt and Working Design

Residential complex ZILART (Lot 14, Lot 15), Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering team was involved as a Designer of all engineering systems and in-site engineering networks, as well as for the Special sections developing for the 81,000 m2 part of the large residential complex "ZILART".

—lient: OfficeProject

client`s projects

—ompleted: 21.12.2017

Project size: 9,000 m2

Scope of works: Working Documentation, Construction Supervision

Yandex IT-company office, Moscow, Russia

Together with the Denis Lobanovís architectural bureau, the Moscow office team has started to develop the Fit-Out project for the Yandex company new office with a total area of about 9,000 m2, located in the "Aurora Business Park II".

—lient: Architectural company Oberon

client`s projects

—ompleted: 02.12.2017

Project size: 37,000 m2

Scope of works: Proekt stage and Working Documentation

Multifunctional complex, Kemerovo, Russia

MEP Engineering team jointly with the architectural bureau Oberon was appointed by the Client for the project developing of a Multifunctional complex with total area of 37,000 m2, which will be built in the city of Kemerovo.

—lient: IQ Architects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 14.09.2017

Project size: 11,500 m2

Scope of works: Working Design, Construction supervision

Hotel 3* Holiday Inn, Moscow, Russia

Our company was involved by the architectural bureau IQ architects in the Working documentation development for the internal engineering systems design of the hotel Holiday Inn Express with a total area of 11,500 m2 located in center of Moscow.

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