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—lient: UNK Projects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 04.07.2019

Project size: 2,700 m2

Scope of works: Working Design

Fitness club World Class, Moscow, Russia

The specialists of Moscow office have started to produce a design for the World Class fitness club with a total area of 2,700 m2 to be built within a Mall that is currently under construction in Moscow.

—lient: Company BIG

client`s projects

—ompleted: 10.06.2019

Project size: 1,000 m2

Scope of works: Working documentation

BIG company office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering together with the Architecture company ArchFunk and the Management company Q1 has started to produce the internal engineering systems design for the office premises located on the 18th floor of the Fili Grad Multifunctional Complex, with a total area of about 1,000 m2.

—lient: Kleinewelt architekten

client`s projects

—ompleted: 14.02.2019

Project size: 11,800 m2

Scope of works: Concept and Proekt Design and Approvals, Tender and Working Designs

Office building, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering, together with the architectural bureau Kleinewelt architecten has started to develop another reconstruction project for one of the buildings of Trekhgorny Manufactory into an up-to-date office building.

—lient: Project 2018

client`s projects

—ompleted: 14.12.2018

Project size: 4,000 m2

Scope of works: Engineering Concept

Reconstruction of the former cinema Forum, Moscow, Russia

The Moscow office was involved in the Engineering Concept development for the former cinema Forum with an extension of the hotel on Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya str., with a total area of 4,000 m2.

—lient: Green Design Society

client`s projects

—ompleted: 26.11.2018

Project size: 1,800 m2

Scope of works: Working Design,
Construction Supervision

British Petroleum office, Moscow, Russia

MEP Engineering continues to work closely with the Green Design Society architects, and proceeded to the reconstruction project for the British Petroleum office, with an area of 1,800 m2, located in business center "Lotte Plaza".

—lient: UNK Projects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 16.11.2018

Project size: 3,000 m2

Scope of works: Due Diligence, Tender Design, WD review, Construction supervision

Thomson Reuters office, Moscow, Russia

Our team together with AB UNKproject has started a redevelopment project for the current Thomson Reuters office.

—lient: Office Times

client`s projects

—ompleted: 14.11.2018

Project size: 1,700 m2

Scope of works: Scheme & Working Design

Bonduel-Kuban office, Moscow, Russia

The specialists from Moscow office will develop a design for the new office of the Bonduel-Kuban company in BC Krasnoselsky.

—lient: Radio Liberty

client`s projects

—ompleted: 21.07.2018

Project size: 1,650 m2

Scope of works: Tender Documentation

Office of the international television and radio company, Kiev, Ukraine

The company MEP Engineering was acting as the General Designer for the Radio Liberty office and studio designing with an area of 1,650 m2.

—lient: Eller + Eller Architects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 10.07.2018

Project size: 27,000 m2

Scope of works: Working Documentation

Elite residential complex, Tyumen, Russia

Our MEP engineers are appointed to produce the engineering systems design for a new residential complex to be constructed in the centre of Tyumen with a total area of 27,000 m2.

—lient: UNK Projects

client`s projects

—ompleted: 15.06.2018

Project size: 40,000 m2

Scope of works: Working Design

Russia Post main building, Moscow, Russia

A reconstruction project for the Russia Post main building with an area of 40,000 m2, located on the Varshavskoe highway, will be developed by our team od engineers.

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